Collocations in use (Ch 50)

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Ok these are not the collocations, since those are already in the book.

these are just some word definitions.

hope you find them helpful.

Collocations in Use chapter 50 vocab.pdf

I’ve started from the last chapter and will try to study one chapter every night and leave the file here. (I hope i do that)


Cooking by Miss Zonouzi

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I myself am crazy to try international food, Italian and Chinese are my fav. (well out of those I have tried already I like these the best) so there is no need to explain why I enjoyed this composition (which was read in the grammar class) by our collogue very much! And I decided I should post it here.

Well enough appetizers let’s get to main dish while its hot!


“Cooking is an art and patience a virtue… Careful shopping, fresh ingredients and an unhurried approach are nearly all you need. There is one more thing – love. Love for food and love for those you invite to your table. With a combination of these things you can be an artist – not perhaps in the representational style of a Dutch master, but rather more like Gauguin, the naïve, or Van Gogh, the impressionist. Plates or pictures of sunshine taste of happiness and love.” ~Keith Floyd, a feast of Floyd

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Unit 11 vocab story (Judi file #0xE29C2F)

December 30, 2009 3 comments

Just a heads up: Read the “spirit of judi” to fully understand this story.

In the Name of God

Name: Reza Takhshid
Class: Reading & Comprehension 1

Assignment: Unit 11 Vocabulary Story
Title: Judi file #0xE29C2F (Record of a connection with a comma patient)

Ricardo had returned from his very long journey a few days ago. I heard he circumnavigated the globe to expand his business, and to export passenger cars. I knew him very well, he was no charlatan. He had the money, power, and adequate connections to carry out such business. I’ve also heard a lot of conjecture about him working in collusion with the customs officials in order to circumvent paying taxes which, according to the law, should commensurate with the amount of his export.
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December 22, 2009 2 comments has been registered!!!

Star-Fish-Factory is the band which I’m currently occupied with!

The project started about 20 months ago, When i wrote a little piece called “fish lover” (at least that’s what we’ve been calling it until now) which I played for several people and they enjoyed it, therefore I decided to take it little further and work on more songs. The only person , who had all that I was looking for in a band member for such project, was Payaam. He had the attitude, the mind, and the looks to fit in. I played the song for him, he liked it, and we went on from there. after the second song was written we contacted Behnam, who plays the drums and I’ve worked with him on my previous projects. I’ve always enjoyed his ideas and the way he handles his instrument. we played the stuff for him, and he became the third piece of the star-fish-factory puzzle.

we are currently recording the demo for the first half of the album. or i could say the first chapter of the story! Anyways, until the release of the album, this website will be the news portal of the band! any progress, pictures and maybe even some videos will be posted.

There is no due date for completion of the album yet! and unfortunately, since we all have other things to do we can not work full time on the album.

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A Good Link! Words in sentences accompanied by pictures

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If you are not sure about using a word in a sentence and dictionaries don’t provide enough examples, visit this page and you will be pleased to see how helpful it could be!

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The Life as an Egge

December 13, 2009 8 comments

So one morning after I had a lot of tea, I decided to take some time off and just chill out on my plate!
Yes! I took pictures! I like to keep memories alive!

Then the most horrible of things happened!

Read on (pdf) …

Please download the PDF and read one page at a time, I couldn’t post the whole thing here due to spoilers!

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