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An ending to “the lady or the tiger”

In the Name of God

Name: Reza Takhshid
Class: reading 01
Assignment: An ending to “the lady or the tiger”

All were amazed by his courage. How on the earth could a man be so brave, how could a soul be so committed to his faith? How did he surrender to a choice which would judge him to hell or bring him the heaven, so freely? At this point he was an admired man. The crowd had already judged him; now the judgment was upon the system. The tiger would be the proof of the falsehood of this justice, and not his guilt. Absolute silence had filled the arena.

At the very next moment, a roar of the crowed shook the ground, everyone was happy to see the face of the comely lady, everyone but the man. The princess had saved him. And now just as his love for the princess had entered a new dimension, he had to hold the hands of an stranger in marriage. The wedding had already begun, and for this special occasion even the king had set foot to the arena floor to propose a toast. He held up his golden glass of wine and wished the man the best. At this time the man was handed a glass of wine, and the king, to please the minds of his domain, cheered the man and drank a sip of the wine. The people screamed to show their love, but not for long.

Soon after the king tumble down, the arena was replenished with silence. The princess fleetingly appeared by the king’s side, she torn the silence apart when she suddenly let out a piercing shriek, and cleared all doubts from the minds. The king was dead. Before another question could cross the minds of the people, she pulled herself together and said: “Clear this floor at once, for I am your queen and I am to bring justice to the murderer of my father”.

The king’s body was taken to the palace in order to be prepared for the funeral. The lady was taken back and the stage was reset. For, the day judgment was upon the poor butler. The queen returned and sat the throne of her father; the man was also invited by the queen to be by her side. The queen gave the sign and the butler opened the left door. Once again, the lady walked out of the door and the wedding took place. They were all so exhilarated that they forgot the death of their cruel king.

After the ceremony, the queen announce the day of her wedding which was to take place at the very same arena. She also reminded her people the necessity of participation in her father’s funeral that night. And the best news for all was that no more judgment would take place at the arena.

At this time the man knew what had happened, the man learnt the ways of his love. She sacrificed her father to be with him. She took all the necessary measures in order to save him and to be with him. A master plan; meticulously brought into action. After the funeral, the queen cried on the shoulder of her lover, by the tomb of her father, all night long. She would order the sun not to rise if she could, but a new day had arrived and a new life for the lovers had begun.

The End

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