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    End of First Year

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    Soon I will organize my work and post them.

    I’m just too damn busy
    well it could just that I’m lazy …

    but more busy

    any how … I have some stuff which I need to type up and post …

    some plot summaries from short stories class
    lecture out lines
    story from conversation class

    and so on …

    stay tuned and while all this is getting done, feel free to visit my personal blog (life of the gnostic psycho (the link is on the sidebar))

    Thank you

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    Technology: visual aid or visual AIDS?

    April 25, 2010 1 comment

    Every hour technology speeds towards a never fulfilling goal, unleashing the endless capabilities of human brain. In the world of visuals, the desire to be able to capture the highest quality pictures and delivering the most vivid screens has been partially fulfilled via High Definition technology. Higher pixel density on our digital cameras or camcorders help us capture high quality pictures; and in our living rooms a fullHD LED televisions will bring the tiniest fly in the far distance to life.

    But how does the picture quality of our TVs increase? Well, by increasing the pixels of the screen. Pixels are tiny dots which are the smallest components of images or screens. You have most probably seen the golden mark on devices “1080p fullHD” which tells you that this device has 1080 lines of vertical resolution. Assuming a widescreen TV with a 16:9 aspect ratio it will have 1920 lines of horizontal resolution. Now if you multiply these 2 numbers your answer will be a little more than 2 million, which brings us back to the pixels. Your television has 2 million pixels, or as you’ve heard, mostly for digital cameras, 2 megapixels. Other than that ever since the black and white TVs were wiped out by color TVs the battle for a wider color range and truest color combinations has begun.

    Now let me ask you several questions. Would you poke a needle into your beloved television burning out the pixels? Can you imagine every other pixel of you TV being burned out, leaving you a lousy and blurry picture? You might say: “of course not, if the picture goes a little fuzzy I go crazy”. Well I would too. But have you thought about the cars we drive? Every single car is burning out millions and millions of pixels in our huge 3 dimensional world LED, by releasing the exhaust fumes in our views. Leaving us a color less, low quality picture to see every hour of every day.

    Once in a while the repair man sends the wind and the rain to clear out what we see. Fixing our screen, as there has never been anything wrong with it. Only then we look at the trees and we can see the green, the yellow, the red, or the brown the way they were meant to be seen. We look far away and we can see the windows of smallest buildings at the other side of the town. We look to the north, wait a minute did we have mountains over there? And we think, Wow, amazing resolution, such clear and crisp view, brightest colors I have ever seen. Well too bad, I’m going to destroy it again tomorrow.

    Judged by a jury of peers

    April 25, 2010 1 comment


    This question might have crossed your minds at some point in your life; if god is so kind and forgiving then what is up with the whole torment and fire in the afterlife? Well I come to came to a conclusion and even though it’s only my opinion, I think it’s something to ponder upon.

        So if god is really that kind, and will forgive all of our wrong doings if we ask for forgiveness, why should we worry about our deeds? Well here is the catch, even that God is merciful, but he is also fair and just. He will forgive us for disobeying what he asked us to do for ourselves which only concerns him. But would it be fair if he forgives me on your behalf if I’ve done wrong to you? Obviously the answer is no.

        Every person will be judged by his or her own kind. Whether it is cutting in line, thinking you’ve been clever to come in last and leave first, simply parking in a no parking zone, causing traffic, or taking students time by being selfish, every single person who’s time you’ve wasted have the right to hold you accountable. Therefore if they are not willing to forgive you then you are in trouble. The reason is that God, as I’ve come to know him is very sensitive when it comes to the rights of other human beings.

        If you think you are a good person and you’ve done your religious obligations, don’te dare thinking other people don’t mind you trying to take away their rights in any way. Many of those whom you did wrong will ask for the justice to be done.

        Here in the end I would like to add that this system has a great social effect on people. Knowing those who did wrong are to be punished mitigates your urge to seek revenge, resulting in a violence free and healthy society. So, whether you believe in the afterlife or just believe that what happens to us in this life is a reflection of your deeds, try to go that extra mile and respect other human beings. Also don’t feel bad when you are offended by people. Deep inside believe they will pay for their actions and let it go.

    Unit 12 Vocab Story (Twisted Scion)

    January 15, 2010 12 comments

    In the Name of God

    Name: Reza Takhshid
    Reading & Comprehension 1
    Assignment: Unit 12 Vocabulary Story
    Title: Twisted Scion


    So tell me, what do you know about Tom Fort?


    Tommy was a dear friend of mine. He always regaled us with strange stories. Many times his storylines were hardly intelligible. Also he was an inveterate bluffer. But he was a very good and versatile entertainer. Beside his stories, he would do his little acts and sing us songs. We always told him he should try out for some movie parts, but he always said that he didn’t care, and the joy he gets from entertaining his friends was all he needed.
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    An ending to “the lady or the tiger”

    January 8, 2010 Leave a comment

    In the Name of God

    Name: Reza Takhshid
    Class: reading 01
    Assignment: An ending to “the lady or the tiger”

    All were amazed by his courage. How on the earth could a man be so brave, how could a soul be so committed to his faith? How did he surrender to a choice which would judge him to hell or bring him the heaven, so freely? At this point he was an admired man. The crowd had already judged him; now the judgment was upon the system. The tiger would be the proof of the falsehood of this justice, and not his guilt. Absolute silence had filled the arena.

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    Summary (A spark, a flint: How fire leapt to life)

    January 8, 2010 5 comments

    A little late, but still!!

    In the Name of God

    Name: Reza Takhashid

    Class: Reading 01

    Assignment: Summary (A spark, a flint: How fire leapt to life)

    It is thought that before man was granted the power to control fire, probably by accident, it was stored and guarded for future use. Studies show the use of friction and also different methods of concentrating the sunlight as the earliest methods of making fire.

    Percussion methods date back to the stone ages, when some tool-makers noticed the spark from chipping flints. This method became more efficient by the discovery of metal. Striking quarts against iron pyrites or porcelain against bamboo were used in different areas but in Europe use of Steel, flint and tinder were the major method of lighting fire until the mid 19th century. With the discovery of phosphorus came revolutionary yet dangerous and expensive fire-lighting techniques such as, the Ethereal match and phosphoric candle.
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